Motivate, engage and retain ......

What We Do

Measure people's behaviors and use the insight to help them reach their potential!!

Our talent measurements are powerful instruments that can be used in talent management, human capital strategy, study guidance, career guidance, and job transitions. The measurements of L&D Support provide objective information that can be used as the basis of a variety of important people and human capital decisions.

The insight provided by the measurment can lead to significant increases in the effectiveness of organizations, higher education and the social domain. For example, the results of the measurement can be used in the following ways:

• Improve decision making regarding selection, promotion and succession
• Increase the chance of academic success during intake, counseling and study completion
• Increase engagement, motivation and enthusiasm among employees in an organization
• Customize training/educational programs to make them more effective
• Understand client needs better in order to improve outflow and reintegration opportunities in social services of municipalities
• Improve and expand quality relationships between individuals, across groups and beyond to customers and suppliers

For 25 years L&D Support has focused on people and their capabilities.