Does he have the talent to study economy?

Its about people, their capabilities and possibilities.

Inspired by the desire to help people reach their potential, L&D Support began creating assessments to determine the learning and development needs of individuals. Initially, paper assessments and personal coaching were the main delivery method. Over the past 25 years, we have innovated and used technology to expand our impact on the lives of more people.

We have grown from servicing primarily businesses to helping:

  • Organizations - including businesses, government, educational institutions and not-for-profits
  • Government agencies - deliver services, for example the administration of social and employment programs
  • Educational institutions - guide and motivate students in their studies and ultimately in the pursuit of fulfilling careers

In all cases we stay true to our vision: "It's About People Their Capabilities and Possibilities". We are continually energized by this vision.

See how you can make a difference in the lives of people and your organization by selecting a customer market area below or by selecting a country flag to see specific customer markets served in certain countries:

For Organizations - With continuous and mounting pressure to perform by providing more value at less cost, organizations struggle to meet their goals. Added pressure necessitates a sharper focus on people being in the role they fit best and being developed for higher levels of performance. To meet the...
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For the Social Domain - There is increasing pressure to effectively use budgets to improve program performance, case management and reintegration results. The ABC Method provides objective decision aids for the consultation process of agencies responsible for helping the unemployed. Every human...
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For Higher Education - Institutions of higher education face the challenges of alternative delivery models and will need to prove their ability to efficiently deliver academic success. Talent.Sense helps institutions successfully face these challenges by providing insights into student talents and study...
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